Rescued Relics Home takes the best features of interior decorating, recycling, and organizing and melds them together so spaces become more lovely and livable.

We believe comfort and beauty can be found


if you know where to look




Our trained eyes are wide open. What are you waiting for?

Forget about high cost, over-the-top interior design that makes you feel as though you’re living in a museum. When the Rescued Relics Home team redesigns your home, we take care so each room is comfortable, functional, and aesthetically pleasing. This is accomplished by using the basics of spatial awareness as we rearrange and organize pieces you currently own and pair them with found items.

Don’t be surprised if we find a diamond in the rough and turn it into a gem. We make every effort to re-purpose usable furniture and accessories—even if that means giving them a makeover! That’s what we’re all about . . .

Why Hire Rescued Relics Home as Your Interior Consultants?

We have a wide range of clients including families who are interested in downsizing to those who are buying their first home. Whether you want to continue living in your redesigned home or sell/rent it—Rescued Relics Home is the home redesign team you need to:

  • Take a living space and make it more functional, comfortable, and beautiful
  • Redesign a room to serve another purpose
  • Stage a home for showings and open houses
  • Hand paint walls, furniture, and accessories
  • Organize those pesky areas—closets, garages, kitchens—that get cluttered over time
  • Design baby nurseries and children’s rooms
  • Find pieces to complement what you already have
  • Makeover rooms, furniture, window treatments and more!


Welcome to Rescued Relics Home